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Paul Sway is a Russian landscape, lifestyle and adventure photographer.  He has travelled avidly across the globe. He has spent the last few years on the move, accompanied by his camera and a desire to discover the world’s most beautiful natural wonders.


With his photos Paul wants to show the true beauty of the world, because people in the era of social networks began to forget where the truth is and where is fiction.


And also many people in Russia do not have the opportunity to travel freely as Paul, so through his photographs he strives to show the beauty of the world and give people the opportunity to travel around the world through his pictures


Paul’s love for photography began from the moment when his parents gave him the first Nikon D50 camera, more than 10 years have passed since then.

Paul now spends his life travelling across the world, climbing volcanoes in Indonesia, shooting on glacier in Iceland and capturing areas of outstanding natural beauty. Through his travels, Paul has shot spectacular landscapes of Iceland, Norway, USA, Morocco and has met a lot of creative people all around the world  Through his camera lens, Paul expresses his love for nature and all the unique places the world has to offer.  

Storytelling is extremely important to Paul.  He is a keen believer that a photograph should tell a story and capture the emotions of the moment.   

Instagram Influencer

Paul Sway has a large, engaging audience on social media.  With 220,000 followers on Instagram, he uses the platform to showcase his work. 


Instagram has provided Paul with the opportunity to continuously meet new people and share his love of photography with them. A lot of his motivation and inspiration comes from people around him and Instagram has offered him a platform to meet such people.  He also understands that it is a great shop window to show new audiences and clients what he is capable of, and therefore uses it to showcase his favourite shots. The platform also works as a fantastic springboard to get others into travel and see the world.  Paul brings unknown parts of the world into the light, offering travel inspiration as well as a little fomo to his followers.

Inspiring and motivating people around is the main goal for Paul. Everybody needs to open the world around us, enjoy its beauty and do not forget to take care of it

Because of his photos and enthusiasm, Paul repeatedly received words of gratitude for inspiring people to take his first trip. Someone dared to repeat his route, who made their own, but they were all united by one goal - travel

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